Wedding season style advice – back by popular demand

Wedding season style advice – back by popular demand

Yes wedding season is here. I know this because the high-street stores are packed with floral print dresses, matching fascinators, matching bags, matching shoes – if they can match it – they will! Fashion magazines are also full of rules on what you should and shouldn’t wear as a guest – and you know what I think about too many rules!

I have had the pleasure of seeing many people I love get married. What I remember is feeling delighted for them, wanting the best for them and feeling incredibly fortunate to be part of their day. Never did I feel I had broken a ‘wedding guest rule’ but apparently I have – many times. I’ve worn red to a wedding (apparently “too distracting”); I’ve worn black (apparently “too funereal”) and I’ve worn cream (apparently “too bridal”). I should point out the latter was a trouser suit, worn with black and I left my veil at home)!

I do understand it can be difficult finding an outfit for a wedding. Many women I meet are often torn between wearing something they love and feeling pressure to wear something they feel they should wear, despite it not being their style. If you are one of those women my advice to you is - remember what makes you feel good and what suits you.

Here are just some of the reasons (in my experience) women feel, under pressure, buy mistakes and waste money on wedding outfits.

They feel the need to:

wear pastels and florals
By all means if you love wearing pastels and floral patterns go ahead but don’t assume if you wear a plain colour you’ll look boring. The simplest dress can look amazing when accessorised with some fabulous statement shoes.

buy shoes that are too high and uncomfortable
You know I love a heel – but you need to know your limit in terms of height. Are you someone who rarely wears a high heel? If so don’t suddenly buy stilettos for a wedding. You’ll be wearing them all day/evening so get them right because carrying around an extra bag with spare shoes ruins a stylish look!

match their bags and shoes
I love a statement shoe. However adding a matching clutch in the same print, fabric or colour is unnecessary and often dates an outfit. Go bold on shoes and keep the bag simple or vice versa – a much more stylish, effortless look.

wear a fascinator or hat
I may be generalising but many fascinators out there are rather dated and unstylish. Don’t assume just because you go to a wedding you need a fascinator or hat. Many women don’t feel comfortable in them which means they’ll never look good in them. Don’t forget alternatives: visit your hairdresser instead and try an ‘up do’ if you have long hair; try a simple flower in side of your hair; or just get a great blow-dry. It’ll make the world of difference and finish off a great stylish look.

wear a bolero, pashmina or wrap
Obviously if you enjoy wearing a wrap or pashmina go right ahead. The trouble is, most women I know find them really annoying and spend most of the day adjusting them. Boleros (in my opinion) can often look unflattering and “mumsy”. Why not try a great fitted jacket or tux – super chic and effortless.

Here are a few inspirational looks this season to give you an alternative to the “floral, fasinator, bolero look”.

Just imagine these with a tuxedo style jacket in cream - thrown over your shoulders, a statement shoe in a bold colour, an oversized clutch bag and a glass of bubbly (the ultimate accessory obviously) – job done!

Do feel free to find out more or pass on details of my wedding style service. It is always a pleasure to help.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.