"Maggie, thank you for your enthusiasm and for genuinely wanting me to look great. It’s difficult to explain just how big a difference you have made. I feel like I’ve ‘started over’ with a look I never thought possible from a stylish new hair-cut to a gorgeous new wardrobe. I feel amazing."

Sarah, 45

"This was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in years. It’s given me so much confidence and such insight into how to put outfits together. My friends think I look absolutely fabulous, and keep asking about my weight. I’ve stayed the same weight for years and yet they all think I’ve lost weight and have a great figure."

Suzanne, 41

This experience was, quite simply, amazing. I really wanted to be able to have total confidence in my appearance and have a wardrobe that actually worked for me. I now have a wardrobe of clothes that I know will work for me. Maggie’s aim is quite simply to make you look and feel good. And as a woman functioning in many ways and in many places I cannot emphasise enough what unbiased well-thought through advice about my appearance made to my self-confidence and internal belief system. The experience has given me courage in a way I thought would never happen – it’s not just about looking great, but it’s about looking sexy when I want to and looking business like when I need to. I went to visit a client of mine who almost didn’t recognize me. It doesn’t get better than that!

Dorinda, 50

Personal Shopping Day for Women

"Maggie really made me think about how professional I look at work. She helped me understand that dressing professionally doesn’t necessarily mean looking dull and boring. I wish I’d met Maggie years ago – I feel so much more confident."

Jane, 41

Maggie has changed my self-perception. I have greater self-esteem and feel far more positive and confident.

Simon, 39

Corporate Workshop

"Maggie was recommended to me and has been a great help. Since meeting her I’m much more confident with how I look."

Richard, 38

"Ok, to be honest when my wife bought me this I was concerned! I hate shopping and tend to wear the same thing - just in different colours. When I met Maggie she understood my concerns and really listened. I’d describe our time as focused, cost-effective and a lot of fun. I’d definitely book Maggie again."

Jonathan, 43

Personal Shopping Day for Men

"Maggie - I was honestly dreading the thought of you going through my wardrobe but it was such fun. Now I open my wardrobe and love what I have. - It’s a revelation."

Debbie, 41

"I have a much better idea of what flatters me and how to put looks together. After my wardrobe consultation I realised I had some great clothes - I just didn‘t know how to wear them.”

Annette, 33

Re-worked Wardrobe

"Wow, I never imagined I could look so stunning. I was amazed at Maggie’s preparation beforehand, her knowledge of retailers and contacts, not to mention her incredibly good taste. I would never have come across the dress she found me for the most important day of my life"

Alice, 36

Maggie was amazing. I felt (and looked) wonderful. Maggie is not only stylish and knowledgeable but most importantly inspiring. She listened to my concerns and ideas, improved them in such a subtle and thoughtful way. I highly recommend Maggie and know we will always keep in touch.

Sarah, 32

Bridal Service

Having been personal shopping with Maggie I wanted to ‘finish off’ my look and booked this service. The results were incredible. After 10 years with the same hair-cut and make-up style – it was a revelation to up-date both – I look so much younger and more confident.

Abigail, 51

I highly recommend this service. Maggie makes it so much fun – all the worry is taken away as you feel you’re in safe hands. She intuitively knows how you feel, asks those questions you feel may sound silly, and, because she knows you so well, makes some great suggestions. The relationship she has with these experts is so genuine – it’s like having your own personal ‘team’ of professionals at your side.

Davina, 36

Finishing Touches Service

Spending time with Maggie gives you the biggest boost. She has a way of suggesting subtle changes that make a huge difference. You leave feeling you can achieve anything. I often use Maggie when I have a pitch or presentation that I really need to pull out the stops for – and I am far more successful because of it.

Andrew, 44

Maggie was recommended to me by a work colleague. I was returning to work, having been on maternity leave for over 9 months. My body had changed, I doubted myself and needed a confidence boost as well as a style one! Following our session, I booked a personal shop with Maggie and found a wardrobe of clothing that made me feel incredible. I not only felt great but received so many compliments. I would recommend this to anyone who has lost their way or just needs a little re-invention.

Jennifer, 38

I honestly would not have got my dream job without you Maggie – thank you for everything you did to get me there.

Molly, 40

As someone who has wanted to change careers (from corporate to creative) for many years, I needed help in believing I could do it and advice on how to present myself in a new, non-corporate, way. Maggie helped me both physically and mentally to prepare for the change. Her knowledge and expertise got me to where I want to be, and I am thrilled.

Suzanne, 42

Style Assessment & Advice