Personal Shopping Experience for Men

Style is very different from fashion, once you have something that works, keep it

Tom Ford

How this service works

Initial Consultation
First a consultation to discuss your lifestyle, your current wardrobe and your style aspirations to get more of an insight into you and your lifestyle.

Maggie will spend time pre-shopping, selecting and reserving the exact styles to make you look and feel great. Then on your shopping day you’ll simply head straight to the changing rooms with no fuss.

Shopping day
After a coffee it’s off to the changing rooms where the clothes are waiting. As the day progresses you’ll be building on outfits from different stores.

Maggie doesn’t believe in working on a commission basis with particular stores but she often receives discounts for you.

Follow-up Report
You’ll want to get the maximum value from your shopping experience, Maggie makes sure you do. You’ll receive a follow up summary of hints and tips for wearing your new purchases to best effect.

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