The one about new year resolutions…

Welcome back to the first Style Post of 2023. How are we - one week into the New Year? Have you vowed to give up everything that makes you happy - wine, chocolate, Netflix - and embrace juicing, raw veg and 10k runs? The pressure to make changes is immense which is why 80% of us break resolutions before the end of January.

In my experience it’s those small changes, the ones that don’t seem so tough, that bring pleasure – those are the ones we should be considering – those are ones that become habits.

I’ve decided this year is all about embracing more joy and doing small, achievable things that feel like a treat. I hope by sharing them they inspire you to improve your January, your way. Enjoy!

The one about health….

I am beginning and ending my day with a walk. Whilst other daily exercise may fluctuate, book-marking the start and end of each day with a walk is going to be a priority. I’ll do it listening to a podcast, calling a mate or, God forbid, being alone with my thoughts (hopefully mates and podcasts will always be available)!

The one about diet…

I’ve never been a fan of a strict detox (particularly in January). However, I have decided that whatever I fancy to eat - whether it’s a piece of cake or a salad (perhaps less of the salad!) - it will be of great quality and will therefore taste delicious and satisfy me. I’m also attempting to create some new (easy) signature dishes as I fear my ‘Five Spice Lamb’ is losing its impact after 18 years! One Pan Wonders may be the answer – thanks Jamie.

The one about wish lists…

In an attempt to resist ‘sale shopping’, I keep a wish list of items I see and love through-out the year. This stops me panic buying and allows me to really consider the purchases and keep an eye on them during sale time. Why not try it this year? In case you’re interested – here are 3 items that have been on mine that are now on sale.

(I may consider wearing something underneath!)

The one about reading…

When on holiday I can read a book in a matter of days, and I love it. Yet somehow, I get too distracted to read regularly at home. This year I’ve decided to read at least one book a month. Here’s my list for January – March 2023: Atomic Habits; Big Dress Energy and Really good, actually.

The one about indulging…

Do you have an expensive scented candles you have yet to use? Luxurious body creams or beautiful bath products that look fabulous on bathroom shelves but remain unopened? Come on…use them and enjoy them – what are you waiting for? I’ve started using this beautiful body oil before bed - it is absolute bliss!

The one about style…

I meet so many people who struggle with their style. Whether it’s due to lack of time, body confidence, or simply feeling unsure about what suits them. If this resonates with you, make 2023 the year you love how you look and feel about your style. Simply click ‘here’ for a consultation. It’s free, it’s 30 minutes and it will make a huge difference to how you start the year.

Here’s to whatever you decide to do to improve your year: big or small - I hope it’s a fabulous one for you.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.