Taking a fresh look at how to wear florals…

Taking a fresh look at how to wear florals…

Spring is nearly here which means – bring on the florals! Whether you clash, wear head-to-toe or just want to accessorise with the trend, designers and high-street stores are embracing it. Many women I know find wearing florals difficult – whether it’s unsure of what size print to go for; how to mix florals; or how to wear them without looking too mumsy or prissy. Despite not being a huge floral fan (unless it’s a bouquet!) I believe you can create a cool and chic look quite easily. So if you are someone who steers clear of the trend for fear of looking too “ditzy”, too “dainty” and too “feminine” – read on...

  • Don’t assume you need to go for pretty ditzy prints when it comes to florals – in my view bolder prints are often more stylish and flattering – particularly those with a dark background;
  • Opt for oriental flower prints – these are often the most chic and beautiful;
  • In terms of what size print to wear – simply bear in mind your frame (so if larger not too ‘ditzy’ and if smaller not too ‘over-powering’ when it comes to prints);
  • Toughen up florals by wearing with a denim or leather jacket and plimsolls to make the outfit more edgy and cool;
  • Don’t forget you can bring in florals with a great pair of shoes, a piece of fabulous jewellery or even underwear which is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful.

Whilst I love to see how designers interpret the trend for catwalk shows, in reality many versions are just that - created for catwalk drama as opposed to real-life. So, for those of you strutting the pavements as opposed to the runway here are some high-street alternatives that may inspire you to take a fresh look at florals for Spring/Summer. However you wear them - enjoy!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.