One for the Boys…Pass it on for International Men’s Day

One for the Boys…Pass it on for International Men’s Day

Today marks International Men’s Day: A day dedicated to making a difference to the lives of men and promoting a positive conversation around them. Please pass this Style Post on to a man you love, admire, respect. and, above all, a man who makes a huge difference to you and those around you.

You have been passed this Style Post, not because you lack style but because you are considered a great bloke who makes a huge difference to those around you. So, whilst I may not know you – I like you already!

There will be lots of articles coming your way regarding International Men’s Day. Many will relate to well-being: how to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. I wanted to remind you of the importance of clothing as part of that well-being. It not only helps with confidence and self-esteem, but it also impacts hugely on your performance both personally and professionally.

I have the privilege of working with, and styling, great men. They come to me for many different reasons (rarely is it related to their love of shopping and clothing!). Here are just some of the reasons they choose to work with me:

  • they need to find a personal brand that works for them;
  • they find it difficult to achieve a professional look working from home that gives them the energy and drive they feel in the office;
  • they have been stuck with the same style for years and need to break out of their comfort zone;
  • they are making a career move, pitching/interviewing and need to find a look that gives them an edge;
  • they have lost their confidence (whether it be through age, divorce, redundancy, or other life-changing experience);
  • they understand the power of looking and feeling good but need expert advice on brands and styles to achieve it.

Does any of the above sound familiar to you?

Remember, clothing is not just visual. Clothing can inspire you, improve confidence, keep you energised, focused, and give you a new lease of life. You deserve to feel great, not just for special events but every time you get dressed. My role as a Stylist is to ensure that happens. It all begins with a 30 minute conversation, over a coffee or a glass of wine (if you prefer). Simply click here and you will be invited to a free consultation. It can take place (face to face) in London or virtually (via Zoom) - it’s your choice, it’s free and who knows, it could be just what you need!

If you need further convincing – here’s what a client recently said….

“Spending time with Maggie gives you the biggest boost. She has a way of suggesting subtle changes that make a huge difference. You leave feeling you can achieve anything. I often use Maggie when I have a pitch or presentation that I really need to pull out the stops for – and I am far more successful because of it.”

It would be great to meet you.

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.