New Year….New (dare I say it?) You!

New Year….New (dare I say it?) You!

Here we are, 2016, and we’ll be inundated with pressure to get new bodies, new personalities, new lives! No wonder 80% of us break resolutions before the end of January. Rather than making a whole host of new resolutions why not give yourself a break and simply make one or two small changes that are achievable.

With this in mind here are some realistic and achievable Style Resolutions you may want to consider for the year ahead.

Get an organised wardrobe

Yes I know it’s a cliché but take the time in January to go through your wardrobe, make some changes to it whether it’s de-cluttering, re-organising or simply purchasing some space-saving items for jewellery, handbags, shoes, clothing etc. It’s such a therapeutic exercise and if you need some help you know where I am.

Wear more of what you own

We’re all guilty of it – wearing only 20% of our wardrobe. It’s so easy to get lazy and wear the same outfits over and over. When I do wardrobe consultations I see great clothing that is hardly ever worn. So, if you always opt for your skinny jeans – put them aside for a week and make yourself wear something different. If you always wear your corporate suit to the office – mix it up with great statement shoes, belt the jacket – give it a new lease of life.

On a Sunday evening choose 3 outfits for the week

The best outfits come together when you’re not feeling stressed and rushed. It’s amazing the difference this will make to your week. Stick with it and it’ll become a great habit.

When you buy something new – give something away

If you buy a new item of clothing make sure you absolutely love it – then give something in your wardrobe away. This discipline will ensure you stop panic buying, keep your wardrobe manageable and ultimately make someone else happy.

Learn to love your clothes and to look after them

Simple - the more you take care of them the better they’ll look – like us all really!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.