It all begins with a conversation about style…

It all begins with a conversation about style…

During the first two weeks of January I had the pleasure of meeting 4 women wanting to find out more about my services and how I could help them with their style. Whilst all 4 women were very different in terms of looks, age and shape they all felt:

  • frumpy and unstylish
  • overwhelmed and uninspired by shopping
  • out-of-touch in terms of brands and styles that would suit them

None of these feelings is strange or new. However I was quite surprised when they admitted they had put off contacting a stylist for a long time. The reason? They felt she would be “intimidating” and “unapproachable”!

Following great conversation over several coffees (or wine in some cases) each of them went away feeling excited at the prospect of a stylish new look and, I’m delighted to say, relieved that I was neither of the above!

What I love most about my job is helping people look and feel their very best. I feel incredibly fortunate that men and women trust me to help them with such a personal subject. I hate the thought of anyone not getting in touch for fear of being intimidated. So, with this in mind I will be holding one day style consultations during February and March. The venue has yet to be decided but if you know anyone who has been talking about seeking advice from a stylist but has yet to take the plunge – now is their chance. Simply forward this e-mail to them. All they need to do is click here, leave their e-mail address and I will contact them. There is no obligation to book a service. It all begins with a conversation and ends with you having a far greater understanding of your style and what would suit you. Just ask my clients:

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.